The News from Poems: Celebrating Six Seasons of Reading Local in Vermont

The News From Poems Mud


April First

by Burt Porter

Now as we watch the snow retreat
We estimate how many feet
Of brown and flattened April field
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The News From Poems Spring


I Went Out Walking

by Grace Paley

My poems had gotten so heavy
I went out walking in
the springtime woods and I
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The News From Poems Summer



by T. Alan Broughton

In the evening of the season
when the locusts
left their bodies,
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The News From Poems Fall


Starting the First Fire, Autumn

by Baron Wormser

Once again we start to act hospitably.
Today we blackened the stove, swept up
The spiders from the wood box, split kindling.
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The News From Poems Stick


Concerning Necessity

by Hayden Carruth

It’s true we live
in a kind of rural twilight
most of the time giving
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The News From Poems Winter


Winter Storm

by Julia Alvarez

It’s snowing hard in the Green Mountains,
I haven’t seen Mount Abe all morning,
Just the white blur of an expanding storm
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The News From Poems Mud

“It could be verse” began as a monthly poetry column first published by The Chronicle of Orleans County in Barton, VT in April 2007. Each column features a poem of season and place by a Vermont writer. The purpose of both the column and this website is: to put poetry where people can find it. Another goal is to help Vermonters to “Read Local” (as a natural continuation of the “Buy Local” and “Eat Local” campaigns). Because there are so many extraordinary writers in our communities, the column serves as an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the diverse poetic voices in this state, our literary terroir. This website features a selection of 18 of the 50 original columns (published in The Chronicle from 2007-2011). In January 2012, the monthly poetry column became a syndicated project issued from this site, offered gratis to all Vermont newspapers to publish at their discretion.

Visitors to the site are encouraged to sign up to receive the column directly each month. Teachers searching for creative ways to incorporate more poetry into their curriculum can click on the “poetry in the classroom” tab for some sample lesson plans and writing prompts.

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